If not stated otherwise, the gameplay follows EMA Riichi rules (2016 ver.). Head referee, who oversees the running of the entire game, has final say in any disputes.

Key: ari – applies, nashi – doesn’t apply

  1. Tiles and tenbō points
English 日本語
Akadora/赤牌 Ari あり
Starting points/持ち点 25 000 25000点開始
Goal/返し点 30 000 30000点返し
Buttobi/ぶっとび Ari あり
Oka/オカ Ari あり
Uma/馬 Nashi なし
  1. Winds
English 日本語
Seating at the table/場所決め Refer: https://goo.gl/EVf9Rn (bashogime, kariton, chiicha) 場所決め,仮東、起家:https://goo.gl/EVf9Rn
  1. Gameplay
English 日本語
Kuikae/喰い替え Nashi なし
Kuitan/食い断 Ari あり
Ryan Han Shibari/二飜縛り Nashi なし
Kan dora/槓ドラ Ankan – before discarding; minkan, kakan – after discarding 暗槓は即乗り、明槓/加槓は後めくり
  1. Yaku
    1. Renhō – yakuman
    2. Daburu yakuman – sūanko tanki machi, kokushi 13 sided-wait, daisūshi, Chūrenpōton 9 sided-wait,
    3. Pārenchan:
      • is awarded for eight consecutive oya wins. The streak is not broken by renchan, where oya is tenpai. If there are already 8 honba on the table, oya is required to win for the 9th time, however this time it is permitted to win without a yaku. Oya gets yakuman and the dealership changes
    4. Kazoe yakuman – ari/あり
    5. Nagashi mangan – ari/あり
  1. Winning
English 日本語
Atozuke/後付け Ari あり
Double ron/ダブルロン Ari あり
Triple ron/トリプルロン Nashi なし
Atamahane/頭跳ね Nashi なし
  1. Abortive draws
English 日本語
Four winds/四風子連打 Ari あり
Kyūshu kyūhai/九種九牌 Ari あり
Triple Ron/三家和 Ari あり
4 riichi/四家立直 Ari あり
4 kan/四開槓 Ari あり
  1. Penalties
English 日本語
Chonbo/冲合 Mangan 満貫
Revealing up to two tiles No penalty ノーペナ


  • 6 or more tiles revealed
  • noten riichi
  • ron/tsumo by mistake and showing at least 6 tiles
  • a declaration while having a dead hand
  • no yaku
  • furiten ron

Dead hand/アガリ放棄:

  • too many/few tiles in hand
  • ron/tsumo by mistake and showing 3-5 tiles
  • 3 or more tiles revealed

Empty calls/空チー/空ポン/空カン:

  • 100 tenbō fine to the stack (only chii, pon, kan)

False calls/誤チー/ 誤ポン/誤カン:

  • Confusing chii, pon and kan declarations results in 100 tenbō fine to the stack

Claiming a false set:

  • 100 tenbō fine to the stack in addition to EMA rules


  • Forgetting to place a riichi bet results in 100 tenbō fine to the stack
  • Forgetting to rotate the next discarded tile, in case the riichi tile was claimed for a set, results in dead hand if pointed out or in chonbo if at least 6 tiles are revealed
  1. Final scores
    1. Add 20 000 oka to the winner’s score
    2. Deduct 30 000 tenbō from each person’s score
    3. Divide by 1000, round 0,4 down and 0,5 up. Winner’s score is processed the last, if needed adjusted so the total sum is zero
  2. Tournament format
    1. Priority in the highest accumulative score
    2. In case of a tie, the priority is as follows:
      • Higher number of 1st places
      • Average of the places in the tournament (lower the better)
      • Lower number of 4th places
      • Raw tenbō points (no oka, no dividing)
      • Direct match result

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